Friday, January 7, 2011

School (Family) Bus Card - Stretch Your Imagination and George and Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridges

I cut the bus using Stretch Your Imagination Cricut Cartridge.
I cut the lettering "Family Bus" from George and basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge.

To make this bus big enough to insert pictures that are clear, you will need to use your 12x24 mat. It is possible to make a smaller bus using your 12x12 mat, but your pictures will have to be very small.

I used Provo Crafts 12x24 Basic Brights Yellow Cardstock for the bus and purple for the blackout bus (you could use black cardstock is you like)

I used my Design Studio since I flipped one bus to go in the opposite direction of the other and welded them together. If you don't use the welding function it will cut both buses out as two pieces instead of one. Do the same with the blackout bus.

Bus is cut at 10.169W and 5.056H
Blackout Bus is cut at the same size
Use Layers for the black tires, banner and steering wheel and cut at 6.35W and 2.431H

1. Cut your pieces
2. Cut your photos
3. Glue photo between the bus and blackout bus pieces
4. Glue blackout bus to bus
5. Fold bus and blackout bus at the back, to make your card fold
6. Glue layers on bus
7. Glue yellow hubs on bus (from your bus cutout)
8. Cut Lettering to glue on the banner (under windows)
9. Add ribbon

You could use your friends photo's and call it the "friends bus" or "church bus" or whatever fits the occasion.

This was a fun card to make.  The pictures really give the card dimension.

You can write on the inside of the bus and you could also add more embellishments, if you like.

Try this project/card -- I think you will really enjoy it.


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

This is Wonderful!!!! -Sam :-)

Evie said...

Thanks Samantha - It was a lot of fun making it.