Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glass Etching - Stretch Your Imagination, Joys of the Season and Wild Card Cricut Cartridges

These four glasses were etched using the following Cricut Cartridges (Left to Right):
Hearts - Wild Card
Wedding Glasses - Stretch Your Imagination
Flower - Joys of the Season
Pine Cone - Joys of the Season

Each template was cut at 3" using vinyl as a template.  Armour Etch Cream was put on with a small brush, generously.  After 10 minutes rinse the glasses with warm running water from the sink. Remove the vinyl and dry the glasses.  You have beautiful glasses in just minutes. .


Chris Wooten said...

I have not used my etch cream yet, is it easy to do? You did a wonderful job. I did not see the comment section for MPS challenge you made up above

you did great job.

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i do monthly giveaways without warning so the more you post the better you have. you never know, there may just be a surprise giveaway in the near future.

Evie said...

Thanks Chris. Yes, it is easy to etch. Just make your template using vinyl. Put the template on the glass. Get all the bubbles out. Put a lot of etching cream on. Wait 10 min. Put the glass under running warm water. Take vinyl off the glass. Dry the glass and you are done. I love etching.

hilda'scraftylounge said...

Hi I just found your blog I've enjoyed your projects and I love these glasses I want to try to make some also and your instructions seem easy. I am a new follower and have my blog hope you can come by and take a look and follow as well Thanks!!