Thursday, March 17, 2011

Robot - Robotz Cricut Cartridge

This little robot is made from the Robotz Cricut Cartridge on page 77.  This Robot is cut at 6".

I cut the following pieces:
Layer 1 (both lower and upper cuts)
Layer 2/Shadow (both lower and upper cuts)
Retro Botz (both lower and upper cuts)

All you have to do is make the folds on each piece (cricut cuts marks on where to fold), glue all the pieces together and assemble according to the picture.

You can make the robots at any size. I previously made a very large one and then made this smaller robot. They are both adorable, but the little one is just too cute.

This cartridge gives you several robots to assemble, as well as robots to put on cards or scrapbooks. Very cute!!  I will tell you that some of the robots you assemble are harder to figure out than others. We had extra pieces left on the large robot we made because we could not figure out where they were suppose to be glued.  The robot on this page was very easy to assemble and I used all the pieces.

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PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Evie, stopping by to say Hi:) Cute robot!!